Tyler Crow - Cowboy Artist

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  A boy grows into manhood bearing the indelible marks of who his people are and the country he comes from.  Some may try to hide these marks.  Others, the solid ones, embrace their origins proudly.  Tyler Crow comes from good stock and good country.  Those two factors define who he is….. Rick and Sandra’s son, Tanner’s brother, and pure Oklahoma cowboy clean to the bone.


  Tyler Crow is also an artist, and he paints from his heart.  His paintings are of things he knows and cares about….scenes from cow country; of horses and cattle and men rendered from reality.  Tyler takes his art seriously.  He is determined to improve upon his God-given gift through study and hard work.


  The western art world is always wondering where the next good artist will come from.  I think he will come from Apache, Oklahoma  and his name will be Tyler Crow.

                               -Don Hedgpeth

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